The State of the Russian Navy


"The Russian Armed Forces will be shaped to take account of the major changes in the world and the country's actual economic potential. This...can be illustrated by the Navy. It will fully retain its role as a factor determining Russia's might as a great power...The decommissioning of obsolete ships will be combined with efforts to equip the Navy with modern hardware. The ships flying the St. Andrew's ensign should embody the most advanced achievements of Russian science and technology."

Andrei Kozyrev, then-Foreign Minister
Krasnaya Zvezda, 14 Jan 1994.

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Current Intelligence Folder
Items and links of interest pertaining to the Russian Navy. (28 Sept 98)

A Brief Look at Russian Aircraft Carrier Development
A cursory overview of the development of Soviet/Russian aircraft carriers, from the Moskva to the Ul'yanovsk. Includes ship silhouettes.

Index of Russian Naval Ship Names
A partial index of known names of ships in the Russian fleet, including type/class and commissioning dates. This is far from a complete table, but it serves as a useful reference tool for the vessels it does cover. 
Revisions now posted; now in pre-release phase.  (18 Aug 2001)

The Fleet 1995
In late 1995, I prepared this fleet summary based on then-current public information on plans and programs. Much has changed since then, but this document may still provide some useful perspective. Includes summaries of the following classes of vessels: aviation cruisers, submarines, major surface combatants, and certain small combatants. Also includes certain naval aviation programs, and a table of long-term projected total force goals for the Russian Navy, as things looked in '95.

Naval Construction Programs 1995
Prepared at about the same time as The Fleet 1995, this is a rundown of specific surface and submarine construction programs, and includes information on the main active Russian naval shipyards.

Technical Folder
Links to technical pages on Russian naval units. (5 Sept 1998)

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