Foreign military section
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Encyclopedia of the Chinese Armed Forces and National Defence
A marketing site for a new hardcover reference on the Chinese military, which looks awfully impressive. The price, at $990, is awfully impressive as well.

Jane's Information Group
Home of the world-renowned defense information firm.

Military Parade Online
Military Parade is the glossy trade publication of the Russian state arms export authority. Basically an arms catalog aimed at the export market, Military Parade contains a lot of good information on Russian weapons systems currently in development, along with the occasional historical article. If one bears firmly in mind that the information contained herein is essentially marketing material from the manufacturers, this is an absolutely fantastic resource for the Russian military observer.

Modern Russian Armour Page
Vasiliy Fofanov's guide to current Russian tank designs, including such exotic beasts as the T-90, T-95, Black Eagle, and the mysterious "New MBT" being developed at Nizhny Tagil. This is a well laid-out page with many photographs and a great deal of production information.
Anthony Winning maintains this site dedicated to the Soviet military during the Cold War.  Includes scans of Soviet uniform regulations from 1988.

Weapons & Equipment of Russia and the Former Soviet Union
A tremendous site managed by Mike Galope, which provides briefings on all kinds of ground equipment originated from the former Soviet Union, with illustrations. Conceived to "supplement FM 100-2-3". Must see.
KNM Media, in association with the World Customs Organisation, maintains this comprehensive directory of international defense manufacturers and service providers in order to aid "professionals in the homeland defense, security, law enforcement, counterterrorism, asymmetric warfare, and fire and rescue industries."  A fairly interesting catalog of vendors.  They also have recently launched three new sector-specific publications:,, and, all available in English, Spanish, and Arabic.

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